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  frequently asked questions
Why use a finance broker?
A finance broker acts on behalf of the borrower to liaise with financiers to obtain finance. They deal with a large number of financiers and are therefore able to offer a range of products and interest rate options to suit the borrower’s needs.

Who is the MFAA?
The MFAA (Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia) is the peak industry body for finance brokers. The MFAA has over 12,000 members Australia wide and they must adhere to an industry Code of Practice which requires professionalism, ethical behaviour, transparency and a commitment to the borrower. More detailed information is available at www.mfaa.com.au. Preferred Finance and their lending staff are accredited by the MFAA.

Who is Preferred Finance?
Preferred Finance is a professional finance broking firm with an office located in the Adelaide Hills at Mount Barker (alongside a large accounting practice). They specialise not only in obtaining the most competitive finance packages available in the market place for their clients but also ensuring that this finance is correctly structured to achieve their clients’ wealth creation goals.

Why use Preferred Finance?
The experienced staff at Preferred Finance work for you not for a bank. They independently source loans from a large panel of lenders with a view to providing you with the best finance packages available in the market place. Preferred Finance is committed to building on the existing success of business and private clients through an holistic approach to tax effective, tailored financing solutions.

What types of finance does Preferred Finance arrange?
Preferred Finance arrange finance for both individuals and businesses: Home Loans; Commercial Loans; Working Capital; Truck, vehicle and equipment loans; Refinance of residual/balloon payments; Insurance Premium Funding; Margin Lending; In addition they can also review your existing finance arrangements.

Which financiers does Preferred Finance deal with?
Preferred Finance has a large panel of lenders including the major banks, smaller and regional banks, credit unions and non-bank financiers. They are continually adding to their panel, always looking for additional financiers with market leading offerings.

How much does Preferred Finance charge for their service?
Preferred Finance’s service is offered free of charge as they receive a commission payment from the successful lender.

I’m looking at purchasing an investment property. Why should I talk to Preferred Finance?
Preferred Finance will ensure your finances are structured both tax effectively and with a view of meeting your wealth creation goals. Also their large panel of lenders will ensure you get access to market leading lending products and interest rates.

I run my own business & my financial affairs are quite complex. Surely I need to talk to a bank rather than a finance broker?
This is incorrect. The staff at Preferred Finance are experienced in both home and commercial lending and can talk to the banks on your behalf. By doing this they are able to: Compare different bank’s offerings; Negotiate on interest rates and charges; Structure the lending both tax effectively and to meet your business’s cash flow; Present the information to the bank “in their language” ensuring it is viewed by the bank in the “best light” for an approval.

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